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Q.  How can I save money on home heating?
The most direct route to reducing your costs is to upgrade to an advanced, high-efficiency heating system. The amount of savings will depend on the efficiency of your current system vs. the new system. A typical upgrade results in 30% reduction in fuel use. You can also reduce your home’s heat loss by sealing leaks, adding insulation and replacing poorly insulated windows and doors. A very practical, cost effective way to save is to lower your thermostat setting. You can purchase a programmable thermostat that allows you to put your heating system on a schedule, providing less heat when the home is unoccupied or while you sleep.

Q.  Will I save money if I switch from oil heat to another heating fuel?
Probably not. Oil heat has consistently been at or near the top of the list of most cost-effective fuels for heating. A fuel conversion can cost more than $10,000, according to the Boston Globe, and there is no guarantee that any other fuel will cost less in the future. The Consumer Energy Council of America says that, "In 95 out of 100 cases, it makes economic sense to stick with oil, and if an energy-related investment is desired, to invest in conservation." A great option to ease the sticker shock of your oil deliveries is to enroll in our Seasonal Ease Budget Plan. This way you can spread out the cost of your deliveries over 12 months.

Q.  How much can I save by upgrading my oil heat system?
A typical upgrade saves about 30%. Your savings may be greater if your current system is old and inefficient and/or you choose a new system that is extremely efficient. Deitch Energy's full service technicians can help you determine which system will best meet your household needs.

Q.   How do I know when it's time to replace my oil tank?
It's reasonable to expect a tank to last 20 years or more, and your oil heat dealer can help you decide if you're due for a replacement. Some dealers offer tank inspections that help determine when the tank should be replaced. Tank designs have evolved in recent years, and you might find a new design or shape that you prefer. For more information on how Deitch Energy can be of assistance to you, please visit our Services Page.

Q.  How do I optimize my heating system?
Every heating system should be serviced annually or in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended schedule. A well-tuned system uses 5% less fuel than an out-of-tune system, according to the National Oil Heat Research Alliance. Regular inspections also detect problems before they turn serious, which extends the system's lifespan and prevents costly repairs. Deitch Energy LLC offers service contracts that include annual tuning at no additional cost. For more information, please visit our Service Plans page.

Please contact Deitch Energy LLC with your home heating questions at (860) 728-5431 today!

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