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Heating Oil

Home Heating Oil

Deitch Energy LLC provides #2 fuel oil on an automatic basis using the degree day, k-factor method. This enables our
computer system to track the individual fuel usage of your home, and alerts us when it is time to make your next delivery. This saves you the time of having to monitor your tank level and gives to the peace of mind of not running out of oil – we do all the work!

What is a Degree Day?
A degree day is a unit used in estimating the fuel consumption for a building/home; equal to the number of degrees that the mean temperature, for a 24-hour day, is below the “base temperature”; the base temperature is taken as 65F in the US.
Deitch Energy LLC will also provide deliveries on a “will call” basis. This means the consumer will monitor their tank levels and call the office when in need of oil.  A notice of 48 hours is needed for these deliveries so consumers should call the office when their tank level is no lower than ¼ of a tank to avoid running out of oil.

Deitch Energy "will call" customers can enjoy a Prompt Pay Discount of 10 cents off per gallon by paying their oil invoice in full within 7 days of delivery.

Order Oil Now

Please visit our Schedule Delivery page to Order Oil. In the comments section of the Schedule Delivery Form please include how much oil you are looking to order and the time frame you would like it delivered in. One of our support representatives will contact you to confirm your delivery. You can also contact us at (860) 728-5431.

Oil Tank Installations & Removals
Did you know many neighborhoods have fuel tanks over 20 years old! Deitch Energy LLC can replace your existing basement fuel tank. To avoid an unexpected leak or just to upgrade your existing tank, call us at (860) 728-5431 for a free estimate.

In addition to basement fuel tanks, Deitch Energy LLC is also available for in ground tank removal and installation.
What you can expect if you are in need of having your in ground tank removed:
     1. The first step is to come out to your residence and perform a site    assessment.
     2.  From there utilities will be marked off & Call Before You Dig notified
     3.  The fuel will be removed from the in ground tank, & later replenished
     4.  We disconnect the piping from the tank.
     5.  The tank is excavated and removed from the property
     6.  We remove all oil lines and cap them.
     7.  A soil test will be performed to see if there are any hydrocarbons.
     8.  An inspection by the town official takes place.
     9.  We dispose of the tank to all necessary safety standards.
     10. The exposed area is then backfilled and graded.

Peace of mind for you, because we take care of the entire 10 step process! Remember, a system that is maintained every year will keep your system operating at peak efficiency and could help you avoid costly repairs.

Deitch Energy will be there for you 24/7! You can reach us at 860-728-5431

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